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Simon atu

Clan: Dhaḻwaŋu

Homeland: Gurrumuru

Moiety: Yirrtja

Totems: Long neck turtle

Waŋarr are special animals for our culture and our Rom (lore) to keep our culture strong. When we are lost in the bush they protect us. That is why we are making our Dhapirrk Clothing designs with our totems.

My design is Baḻaŋu, that means anchor in Yolŋu Matha and that is the totem for Gumatj, Warramiri and Dhaḻwaŋu people. This design is special to Gumatj people because Macassan people brought the anchor to Galiwin'ku. In the olden days they used anchors for ḻipaḻipa or canoes.